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United India Car Insurance

We Cover
• Motor vehicle which includes private cars, Motorised Two wheelers and Commercial vehicles excluding vehicles running on rails

Who can Insure?
•  Owners of the vehicle, Financiers or Lessee, who have insurable interest in a motor vehicle. Insured´s Declared Value (IDV)
(a) In case of vehicle not exceeding 5 years of age, the IDV has to be arrived at by applying the percentage of depreciation specified in the tariff on the showroom price of the particular make and model of the vehicle.
(b) In case of vehicles exceeding 5 years of age and Obsolete models (manufacture of those vehicles which have been stopped by the manufacturers), they have to be insured for the prevailing market value of the same as agreed to between the insurer and the insured.

(a) Package Policy - Section I
Section I (Own Damage - OD) of Package Policy :
Section I of package policy covers loss or damage to the vehicle and / or accessories due to
•  Accidental external means
•  Fire, Self ignition, lightning
•  Burglary, house breaking or theft
•  Terrorist activity
•  Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage
•  Earthquake
•  Flood, cyclone and Inundation etc
•  While in transit by rail, road, air, elevator, lift or inland waterways
•  Landslide or workslide
None of the above perils can be excluded from the scope of a policy.

Loss or damage to accessories by burglary/house breaking/theft
1. For private car it is covered
2. In case of Motorised Two Wheelers this can be covered on payment of an additional premium at 3% of the IDV of such accessories
3. Loss or damage to Lamp, Tyres, mudguard and / or bonner side parts, bumpers etc., can be covered on payment of additional premium. This is applicatble only to Commercial Vehicles.

If the vehicle is disabled in an accident, cover is provided for the reasonable cost of the following:
• Its removal to nearest reapirers
•  The cost of reasonalble repairs immediately necessary
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